Start of something amazing in Chicago

Fine dining in the Windy City is one of the most popular things to do in the United States. Chicago is seen as one of the historical cities in America and very popular for its fine dining. There are many that say that Chicago is on the map because of its intense history of eating establishments that made it grow from a village to a major city. Whether it be just a regular take out or stand type of eatery, the Windy City is very popular even with these types of options for dining. Then there are the restaurants that have made their name in American history. For every person who truly enjoys fine dining, Chicago could be an amazing place to try just about everything. Schaller’s Pump is said to be the oldest restaurant and bar in Chicago dating back in 1881. Then there’s Daley’s and the Berghoff restaurants. Every once in a while something great happens in the fine dining scene in Chicago. Restaurants tend to open all the time, many enjoy a great deal of success and are celebrated to be a local favorite.

One such restaurant is the Aigre Doux Restaurant and Bakery very well-known and popular eating spot in the Windy City. It was opened in 2007 and was given incredible ratings by the food critics for Oprah Winfrey’s website. It was a local spot for local people of Chicago to enjoy, and anyone was welcome. Zubair Ghias was a very popular local native of Chicago, someone who went on an exciting venture as he had partnered into the fine restaurant and would successfully handle business. He is known to take much interest in his beloved city and is always ready to help many of the local businesses in any way he can. He has a true heart for family-owned businesses in his city.


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