Zubair Ghias – The Simpler Things

Though Zubair Ghias is often known as a key player in the fast paced and highly competitive field of business financing and investing, he also likes to take it slow, and enjoy the simpler things in life every now and then. Mr. Ghias says it is important for a man to have a hobby, a way to unwind and replenish himself for the next business day to come. Mr. Ghias says it is similar to the importance of a rest day after exercising. Much like your body, your mind also needs time to rest after exertion. What helps a mind rest however, is up to the individual. Mr. Ghias himself likes to unwind by traveling. Mr. Ghias says he enjoys traveling because it is often very easy to forget how big the world really is, and that one even exists outside of your office. Zubair Ghias travels because he does not want to forget about the big world just outside his window.

Zubair Ghias believes that having a way to unwind after a long work day is the key to success both personally and professionally. Mr. Ghias himself chooses to unwind in a number of ways. As a lover of fine arts and antiques, Zubair Ghias often finds himself deep in the heart of a museum on one of his days off, exploring the Earth’s rich and wondrous past with a friend of family member. Mr. Ghias has a deep passion for art and history because they often depict the world with more truth than the world itself does. Mr. Ghias also enjoys art because it acts as a looking glass into another person’s perspective, and even their soul. Mr. Ghias says that art reminds us that though we live in one world, it is interpreted in billions of different ways.


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