Zubair Ghias: ISO 9000

Zubair Ghias knows how important it is when being an equity investor to invest in companies that have a very strong quality management system in place. This is why Zubair Ghias is very particular about only investing in companies that are ISO 9000 certified. Numerous studies that have been done recognize that companies which are certified with the ISO 9000 family of quality managements systems, have a significantly higher return on assets often through better operational performance.

Zubair Ghias

Zubair Ghias

Zubair Ghias knows that the ISO does not actually certify any companies. Instead what happens is auditing organizations will issue certifications upon compliance with ISO standards. Often times, companies and individuals will refer to their certification as ISO 9000 certification however that is not strictly speaking, accurate. Instead companies and other organizations can be certified in ISO 9001:2008

Zubair Ghias understands that some of what an organization trying to get ISO certification is audited on includes a very extensive sample of functions, sites, products, processes, and services. The auditor will then present a list of the issues to the management as opportunities for improvement. If there are no opportunities for improvement then the certification will be issued. If there are opportunities for improvement then the organization attempting to be certified will put together an improvement plan and carry the plan out. When that has been completed sufficiently for the accrediting bodies auditors, then the certification will be issued. The accrediting body will often recommend a renewal period that is often set at every three years.



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