Zubair Ghias: Milton Friedman

Zubair Ghias is a proud graduate of the University of Chicago. He studied Economics while he was there and knew that he was learning from many great professors and learning economics from the same place that the great Milton Friedman used to teach.

Zubair Ghias

Zubair Ghias

Zubair Ghias knows that Milton Friedman is by many considered to be the greatest of American economists. He won the Nobel Prize in 1976 for his work and “achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy.” Through his many great achievements in the field of economics, in his own mind, his greatest works were not what people think.

While President Richard Nixon was in office Milton Friedman headed the committee that Nixon created to research a conversion of the United States Military to become a “volunteer” military rather than a drafted one. Milton Friedman believed that having a draft was “inconsistent with a free society” Rostker, Bernard (2006). I Want You!: The Evolution of the All-Volunteer Force. Rand Corporation p. 4. In an Interview in June of 1995 for “Reason” magazine, Milton Friedman said “In the Realm of Policy, I regard eliminating the draft as my most important accomplishment.”

Zubair Ghias knows that many people consider Milton Friedman to be one of the key people in the Chicago School of Economics thought. He also had an enormous influence on the policy and politics of America and his influence continues to be felt to this day throughout the country and the world.


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