Zubair Ghias: Family Man

Though Zubair Ghias is regarded as a successful and busy investment professional, his career always comes second to the needs of his family. He is a passionate family man who always makes his loved ones his top priority, placing their needs well ahead of both his career and his company.

Zubair Ghias has been very successful as the President and CEO of Acanthus Capital, and has established himself as an expert, and a success, in both investment banking and in real estate investment and management. He has built an accomplished professional career, one marked by an impressive lists of accomplishment and experience with multiple firms. As a career professional, Zubair Ghias understands that without the support and love of the people at home, he would be without that ever so crucial foundation, one that helps him to overcome challenges and tackle adversity through support, compassion and unwavering family devotion.

Zubair Ghias

Zubair Ghias

Zubair Ghias is a self-driven and motivated career professional, though his career never gets in the way of spending time with the people he values the most. His family always comes first, and he is always the first to admit that his success would be virtually nothing without the support of people at home.

Zubair Ghias has over 15 years of experience in investment, and has enjoyed the opportunity to work for such industry giants as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and others. An entrepreneur and talented business professional, he maintains a well-balanced life, one that provides room for both family and career. Zubair Ghias received an education in economics at the University of Chicago.


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