Zubair Ghias: Former Restaurant Manager

Current real estate investment professional Zubair Ghias continues to provide Acanthus Capital, LLC the leadership and management the company needs to be a driving force in real estate and private equity investment. Through skilled leadership and extensive investment banking experience, Zubair Ghias has taken his company to new levels of success, turning Acanthus into an enduring real estate investment leader.

Formerly the co-owner and general manager of the Aigre Doux Restaurant, Zubair Ghias understands what it takes to maintain a successful and productive team atmosphere, one that not only empowers employees with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, but that also provides a high-quality customer experience. Zubair Ghias served as general manager of Aigre Doux for over two and a half years, expertly managing a high-volume restaurant while maintaining a complex budget, keeping costs low and ensuring the restaurant’s customers received only the best service and dining experience.

Zubair Ghias

Zubair Ghias

Zubair Ghias is proud to have been involved in the restaurant industry, as well as to have received the experience of restaurant and employee management. He was integral to the successful operation of Aigre Doux, and values the time he spent overseeing one of the best dining establishments in the city of Chicago.

Managing a restaurant is certainly no easy task, requiring the ability to juggle multiple responsibilities at once while ensuring that both employees and customers are getting the best the restaurant has to offer. Zubair Ghias provided years of passionate and skilled management to his restaurant, and benefitted from a highly rewarding experience that sticks with him to this day.


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