Zubair Ghias: Success with JP Morgan

Zubair Ghias is proud of his career accomplishments as an investment banking professional. A long-time former associate with JP Morgan Securities, Zubair Ghias was an indispensable member of the company’s Mergers & Acquisitions division, ensuring the success of several high-profile and important client acquisitions during his five years of service with the company,

Zubair Ghias was an important part of Delphi’s acquisition of Eaton Corporation’s electronic switch business, performing various high-quality valuation analyses, assisting in confirmatory due diligence, assembling extensive research documents and developing a financial capacity analysis. He was also integral to the Ballard Power Systems’ acquisition of DaimlerChrysler AG’s and the Ford Motor Company’s respective interests in Xcellsis and Echostar, developing proceeds analysis and preparing the valuation analyses necessary to ensure the successful completion of the acquisition.

Zubair Ghias (14)

Zubair Ghias also worked on the Newell-Rubbermaid’s $615 million acquisition of American Tool Companies, leading the sell-side team and developing an on-site projection model with the company’s CEO and CFO. He was chosen by the company’s CEO to be the sole banker during the final contract negotiations. Zubair Ghias also played an important role in the Carlyle Group’s acquisition of UIS Automotive Group, handling much of the transaction on his own and trusted by management to work on the project with little-to-no supervision.

Zubair Ghias was an exemplary associate with JP Morgan, and was valued for his ability to work both as the member of the team and independently to ensure the successful completion of several important and financially substantial acquisitions. He was a genuine asset to the firm, and was valued for his loyalty and dedication to the JP Morgan team.


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